Toronto should take province to court over Ford’s plan to slash city council, David Miller says

Toronto should take province to court over Ford’s plan to slash city council, David Miller says

“I think the city should explore every legal avenue possible,” Miller said one day before city council resumes meeting to consider a response to legislation expected Monday. It will, Ford says, cut council from 47 to 25 seats.

“You have to stand up to this kind of thing or the province will be running the city. The election started May 1,” Miller said.

“If the city doesn’t show backbone and leadership to deal with this political crisis, how is it going to deal with other challenges facing the city like transportation, pedestrian safety, gun violence, environmental challenges, hope for young people?

“It needs to show that it’s going to fight.”

The Star revealed Thursday that Ford, a former one-term city councillor, plans to push through the change even though Toronto’s 47-ward election started May 1. The premier on Friday cited an urgent need to make council cheaper and more effective, with nominations closing Sept. 14 in new wards with the same boundaries as provincial and federal ridings.

Mayor John Tory on Friday sounded doubtful about the chances of a successful legal challenge, instead focusing on a proposal to ask the province for a Toronto referendum on council size. That response led some councillors to accuse Tory of capitulating to Ford, while others applauded him.

Tory spokesperson Don Peat said Sunday that “there is a motion going to city council tomorrow asking the city solicitor to undertake legal action against the proposed legislation.

“The mayor will support that motion,” plus a referendum call with a request that Ford “pause his plan,” Peat said

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